Sean Dunn

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      No surprises here, Sean went to WPI. He majored in CS. Sean has roomed with me on occasion and always surprises himself with how clean he can be, relatively speaking of course.

      He currently resides in Austin, Texas. Other than people I am acquainted with through Sean, he is the only person I know in Texas. To Sean's credit, he did pick the best city in Texas to be. I even have this knowledge first hand, having visited Sean for my summer of 2000 vacation. I have finally gotten around to posting pictures from my vacation in Austin. Actually, I did this a while ago but didn't mention that here until now. You see, I am sensitive to your needs, wants and desires. Despite my hectic schedule I take the time to let you know about this stuff. I know how important it all is to you.

      For your additional pleasure here are some Sean links.

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