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      So here is Joe Tomato. And no, that isn't his real name. In fact, he isn't a real person. He's just some guy I made up and given an extremely paranoid personality. Joe Tomato is a nickname he answers to though. I don't call him that of course but I mentioned the paranoid thing. In any case, to make him feel more comfortable, I use his nickname here. Too bad really, the story behind the nickname is amusing but involves his real name. I'll ask him about using just his first name... maybe that would be ok with him. (It wasn't as of August, 2001 but I'll keep asking anyway.) He works at EMC Corporation. Big surprise. At least he didn't go to WPI, you would be getting bored with that by now.

      So why am I bothering to make a section here for Joe? Well, it all started with this tomato, ya see...

Short story: Joe lost a tomato at work. It was funny.

Long story

Little Joe

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