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Sensational Shereen

Happy Birthday Shereen!!!

I would have sent birthday wishes directly but Shereen's email address has stopped working. Hopefully she'll let me know what the new one is soon :)

      OK, one more time. Guess where Shereen got her bachelors degree. Did you guess WPI? If so, you are so completely wrong. She got her Masters degree there. OK, not a big difference but hey, what else would you expect on a crummy site like this? At least Shereen is beautiful and I actually found a picture of her to show you. In fact this is the only picture of her I have in any format. It is very sad. You see after Shereen finished school she went back home to Cairo. Needless to say I don't see her much these days. Don't worry, Cairo is on my travel agenda but it is going to have to wait until I finish my Masters.


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