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Slice 'O Dave

      This here is Dave. The reasons for his coolness have been eluding me. Now, this would have bothered the old Keith, impatient with his own lack of understanding. It doesn't bother the new Keith one bit, or byte for that matter. Despite this new attitude I think my sub-conscience has pieced the puzzle together anyway. You see, Dave received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from WPI. He did nifty things like edit the school paper and volunteered in the WPI Social Committee. Now he likes to do crazy things like take helicopter flying lessons, go on exotic vacations and organize random events for himself and all his friends.

      You see, my initial confusion was a matter of focus. There isn't a set of specific things that make Dave cool. In fact, sometimes Dave seems kinda dorky. But when you step back you can see this truly beautiful glow of cool all around him. With this new perspective you can then examine everything Dave does, dorky or not, and see the root of cool from which all of Dave's actions spring. It is only this insight into the essence of Dave which allows me to ramble on about all the cool things he does as singular items and present them as cool in and of themselves.

      Just recently Dave organized a birthday dinner for me and a few friends. While most of the people invited were bums and didn't show up cause they had better (read: sit on their lazy asses and watch TV) things to do, Dave provided an entertaining, fun-filled evening for all the "important" friends. Pictures coming soon.

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