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Random Bits

      Have a seat, relax. Make yourself at home. There's some random bits to your right so help yourself. Okay, lets get straight to the point. No-Place isn't exactly what this web site is about. In fact most people aren't really supposed to be in No-Place, and most don't want to be. But you're welcome to bookmark this spot and drop by to relax any time. Really, I like you.

      So you probably want to be hitting that browser's "Back" button about now, but before you do I think I owe you an explanation. You see, one of the things that I have to work on is, in fact, this web site. And you just hit a link that's not fully done yet. That's the basic reason you're reading this.

      It is also possible that you stumbled across a mirror of this site that didn't have enough room for everything. In that case, I suggest you visit Keith @ Kapowee, the official home of this site... that is, unless you're already there. I might be moving things around too. If you're really having trouble finding something just ask.

      Check back here for actual moving random bits. I know, you're saying that is useless to facilitate actual random bit generation in the first place, never mind animating them on this No-Place page... but you'll sing a different tune the next time you need a couple of them... oh yeah baby!


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